Three best tools for Webcam on Linux

Like in windows computers Linux users can also put the webcam of their machine to multiple uses. Normally people use webcams just for video chat or conferencing but you can do much more than that. For instance you can use it as surveillance tools to monitor your store or office, take pictures and videos and many other functions.
Here in this post we have discussed about the 3 most useful webcam tools on Ubuntu/Linux operating system.

ZoneMinder is video surveillance software to use on Linux computers. Using this application you can manage all your surveillance needs from one place. It supports single or multiple cameras to give you a feel of advanced security system. It allows you to capture images, record video or just monitor videos. You can connect any number or cameras; it even supports USB cameras and IP network cameras. Simple user interface and feature full application makes it one of the ideal webcam software to use on Linux computers.
Cheese was originally developed as a part of summer of code in 2007. But now it has become a part of Gnome which you can download and install for free. Using this application you can take photos from your webcam and add special effects to them. It also allows you to record video; you can add special effects to videos at the time of recording. By installing special plug-ins for this software you can directly upload photos or videos to sites like Flickr, Picasa, etc.

Gqcam is actually a replica of QuckPict software for Linux computers. Gqcam has improved a lot from its preceding software and now it comes with QickCam. A QuickCam feature lets you to adjust Brightness, White Balance, contrast and other controls for a better picture quality. It also allows you to take snap shots from your webcam and save them in various image formats. You can also set it to take picture using timer.


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