Now clean Cycobot(svchost.exe) infections With Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool

You may have noticed Microsoft's Malicious Software Removal Tool in your list of available Windows Updates. Heck, you may even have seen it in your Add/Remove Programs and wondered where it came from. The MSRT can actually be quite useful, and it's a fast, simple way to remove a number of common malware infections.

In an update pushed yesterday, Microsoft added Cycobot to the list of malware that MSRT can remove. It's a nasty little backdoor Trojan, and one I've seen on plenty of the systems I spend my days repairing. The full list of malware (more than 120 types) which the tool can remove is available on this page.

MSRT is a good little tool to add to your security arsenal, but a multi-app attack is always best.

Download Microsoft's Malicious Software Removal Tool 


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