Enable Windows 7 Check Boxes

Have you ever needed to clean out a folder with a lot of files in Windows Explorer in Windows 7 but you only want to delete selected files? Well, instead of using the cumbersome Ctrl-Select method, which is prone to errors that cause you to start over, there is an easier way.

Windows 7 allows you to select files in Windows Explorer using check boxes. Simply select the files you want by selecting a check box next to each file. You do not need to use the Ctrl key.
Start by navigating to the folder containing the files you want to select. Then, selectFolder Options from the Tools menu.

The Folder Options dialog box displays. Click on the View tab and scroll down under Advanced settings until you find the Use check boxes to select itemsoption. Select the check box next to that item to turn it on. Click Apply and then click OK.

Now when you put your mouse over a filename, a check box displays to the left of the filename. To select that file, select the check box.

Now you don’t have to worry about accidentally letting up on the Ctrl key while selecting your files and having to start selecting them all over. Any files you select using a check box stay selected unless you click the check box to unselect the file.


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