Windows Search Indexer

We know that the default Windows Indexing and Search feature is quite slow, Everythingand neoSearch are both excellent 3rd party tools that can quickly index your files and perform a quick real-time search as you type. There is however another tool that has been left in the dark called Index Your Files.
Index Your Files is a more advanced search tool with an explorer-like interface that shows the preview of the files, unlike Everything and neoSearch which have a simple user interface. The indexing takes some time but is quite fast.
It indexes the content of the files as well and searches by name, date, size, or wildcards. The indexing and searching operations can be performed in the background. The results can be arranged by name, folder, extensions, date, and size. Not to forget that it integrates in the Windows Explorer context menu.

In order to work faster, it creates multiple databases as compared with other tools that use a single database to work with. The databases can be found listed in the Index Menu tab where you can add, edit, delete, import, or export it.

Apart from indexing local files, it works equally fast in indexing the files over local networks. The indexing can be scheduled from within the program. It has to be noted that the preview pane on the right side of the interface shows both the text content and images. Since it is portable, you can run the app from the USB memory stick.

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