Googsystray: Google Voice, Calendar, Reader, Wave & Gmail Desktop Notifier

Googsystray is the one of the most helpful freeware which encapsulates famous Google services. It is a system tray app use for Google Voice, Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Reader, and Google Wave notification
It wraps-up five Google services to keep user updated on each of them. So you don’t need to open browser to check latest mail or view updates. It’ll automatically notify you on new messages, alerts and updates.

To get started, right-click the system tray icon and hit preferences to open Configuration window, hit Edit to provide Google or it’s app account credentials to log into selected services. You can add multiple Google accounts.

It has a nice tabbed interface, allowing user to switch between different service windows. Click on any service tab to change the time interval of checking it’s updates, change notification sound, and it’s icon settings. It also allows user to assign hot keys for easier access.

To change the way pop-up appears, go to Popups tab, you can change different settings; window opacity and size, pop-up Type, popup color scheme, enable/disable sticky popups, etc. To view the customized popup hit Test Popup.

To send SMS, right-click googsystray icon, hit Send SMS Message.

When there will be an update, it will automatically notifies you through a sound and pop-up in the system tray.

Upon clicking Googsystray service icon, it shows the respective messages.

It crashed a few times during testing, so you may run on some bugs as well.

It works on Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.


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