New Crazy Themes for Windows 7

If you have bought a laptop or a desktop recently, there is a high chance that you have got the Windows 7 OS ported with it.  Now if you want to personalize your machine, the OS does provide its fair share of themes and skins. However, if you want to jazz up your PC a little bit more, here are some samples to splash yourcomputer with a bevy of super colorful skins and themes. Here is our cool pick for you:

1. Alternative: As you might have expected, this theme is based on an alternative style. A red and black combination and a slight tweak on the original Aero interface. This looks quite stylish, but as it is, works only on Windows 7.
2. Verdesh SteelFlash Theme: This has a cool combination of golden against steel-ish gray along with iPod lke icons for the widows. Worth giving it a try. Especially as it is free.
Image Source: Deviantart
3. Pirate Bay: With an old world pirate ship docking (menacingly) on your desktop, it might be the perfect way to jazz up your somber day. The display, along with the cool icons at the task bar, has a sort of a hidden Mac-ish feel as well.


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