5 Cool Firefox Add-ons for Facebook

In our intricately mashed up world of social networks, blogs and browsers – two products that easily make the grade are Facebook and Firefox. Therefore, it would be nice to punch both and a host of add-ons for Firefox does exactly that.

1. Facebook Toolbar: This add-on puts a search box right at the top, near the browser tab. It provides the following features which does help in streamlining your Facebook experience a lot:
A. Notification: There are handy icons to tell you how many new pokes, friend requests and message s you have. Plus, a pop-up further notifies you about your friends’ status updates.
B. Sorting friends: It allows you to sort friends through their names as well as status.
C. Sharing: The share button is the add-ons real nifty advantage. It helps you share the webpage you are currently viewing in Mozilla in a jiffy with your Facebook buddies.
D. Photo upload: Find, caption and tag photos from your computer to your Facebook account.
2. FacePAD: If you love to look at the images from your friends, this is probably the add-on you will love. This cool downloads all the albums of all your friends at a go, with a single click. The process is simple. Right click on the album you want to download and click the download album with the FacePAD option. That’s it. The album will now be downloaded to Firefox’s default download directory.
3. Facebook Video: Facebook does not allow you to download videos. However, if you are using Facebook from Firefox, there is an add-on that will enable you to do so. The Facebook Video add-on lets users download and convert video (to several formats) and customize the code links of the Videos on added on the Facebook video pages.

4. FaceBook ChatBarThis friendly add-on which gives you a host of smileys which you just need to click to insert into a Facebook chat.
5. HugBack for Facebook: Well, this is a nice innovation. You don’t need to “poke” a friend anymore. Just hig him/her. So polite!


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